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Brad Smith
14 December 1970
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I post many things that people are bound to find objectionable, and/or offensive in nature. In some ways that is the point, and in some ways I'm simply speaking my mind. Remember - MY blog, MY rules. If you wish to add me to your friends list, by all means, add me. If you would like to use any of my my icons, plunder away. My posts are tagged by importance, so in the last section of the sidebar of my blog layout you can find an index to everything from my activism to humor.

I am a liberal, a homo, an atheist, and a good ol' Georgia boy for starters - so be warned now that much of what I post is related to those things. So now you know. My world - welcome to it. Sometimes I just post funny shit, sometimes I post about things that completely piss me off. I also have several communities here on LiveJournal, the most recent of which is a forum for civil rights activism, called engayge_america.

I'm a bit of a politics/news junkie.

A couple of other things - every Friday is Rat Bastard Friday, so get your weekly hate on. If you are so inclined, I do have an alternate blog dedicated solely to sex. I rarely update it these days, but it's there all the same. Before you ask me to add you, you have to be 18 or older on your profile so I can verify your age. The name of that blog is ghostofaman. I have no shame - get used to it now.

If you send me a text message, make sure I know who you are by leaving your name at the end.

Now and then I make video posts. The entire video post archive can be located here. If you've made it this far, go ahead and sign my guestbook - the link is below. And yes, that's me in the pic above.

4ad, 60's soul music, a perfect circle, activism, ahwatukee, albert camus, alice walker, ani difranco, anti-bush, anti-censorship, anti-conservative, anti-fascist, anti-homophobia, anti-nazi, anti-racism, anti-republican, anti-sexist, anton lavey, architecture, arizona, atheism, atlanta, atlanta braves, banksy, barack obama, baseball, baton bob, beah richards, bears and cubs, bill of rights, billie holiday, billy joel, black currant tea, boston legal, breathlanes, cajun food, calligraphy, calpernia addams, carribean food, christopher okigbo, civil rights, cockpunching republicans, cocteau twins, cooking, critical thinking, cuban food, darfur, darwinian evolution, dead can dance, dif juz, documentary films, earl grey tea, elissa hadley, environmentalism, equal marriage, equal rights, eudora welty, farmer's markets, flannery o'connor, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, fresh vegetables, gabriel garcia marquez, gay activism, georgia, girl chris, good coffee, greek food, harvey milk, henry rollins, human rights campaign, indigo girls, insane jane, italian food, japanese food, jasmine tea, jean paul sartre, jeff buckley, jennifer nettles, jennifer nettles band, korean food, lenny, liberalism, love and rockets, margaret cho, mary chapin carpenter, maxfield parrish, maynard james keenan, michael shermer, my sweet etc., nick bantock, nina simone, pat conroy, patti smith, pete townshend, peter gabriel, philosophy, phoenix, photography, photoshop, politics, pro-choice, progressive politics, reason, red wine, reproductive rights, roberta flack, roseanne, rough trade, sam harris, savannah, science, secular humanism, sex education, sigur rós, simone de beauvoir, single malt scotch, skepticism, sociology, soul food, soul miner's daughter, southern food, stevie wonder, sugarland, sushi, sylvia plath, søren kierkegaard, tattoos, tears for fears, thai food, the l word, the ocean, the smiths, this mortal coil, thomas wolfe, toni morrison, uncut, valrhona chocolate, virginia woolf, weeds, wine, yoga

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