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I've been waiting on the release of this DVD now for four months - it's one of the ONLY things I have been really looking forward to. Even more than seeing Sugarland this Friday, which is my birthday, and I'm already resigning myself to the highly likely probability that I'm not going to see Jenn at all.

First they pushed the release date back by almost a month. I had the special edition preordered, then Amazon took a giant shit all over me with the email response of "Sorry, it's sold out and you're not getting it". Found it online from another retailer that I'm sure is going to come back any day now with a similar email instead of the "Your order shipped today" confirmation thingy - because, you know, I really just need one. more. fucking. thing. to not work in my favor right now.

xlrecordings, fuck you - fuck you to hell. Die in a fire you fucking rotters.

Just... FUCK.
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