Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Why I Write/Post What I Do A Lot Of The Time

"This is how it works, folks. Wingnuts put something "out there" -- Obama is a Muslim spy. Hillary is fucking her female Arab assistant. John Edwards had an affair. It doesn't have to be true; it doesn't even have to have anything to it other than what's pulled out of wingnut ass. All Republicans have to do is put something "out there" and out-and-out lies become just an "alternative view" deserving of equal time to facts because facts have a liberal bias.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani DOES have ties to terrorists by having a government that harbored Khalid Sheikh Muhammed as a business client, and it's nowhere to be found in either the Washington Post or the New York Times.

This is the kind of campaign journalism we're going to get until November 2008: Republicans good. Democrats bad. Rumors true. Facts false."
Of course, Jill is 100% correct. FOX Whore News will spew these lies 24/7/365 and the left has no network to answer with the truth. The CNN whores will say, "It might be true, we'll give you both sides," which gives the lies credibility.

The only thing we have left is the internet, so PLEASE support those who are telling the truth.
- Bartcop

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