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My Letter To My Friends Getting Married In 2 1/2 hours

I chose writing them a letter they could keep in favor of making a toast at the wedding reception, because this way they can have something of me that is permanent and not as fleeting a memory as a toast. Here is is in its entirety:

28 December, 2002

Dearest Mac & Shannon,

I was thinking last night about a few things, one of which was how much I love both of you, and how all of us are a family because we made it that way together, with love, patience, understanding, and hope. Sometimes those things get tested and even pushed aside, but they always win in the end. It is those very trials and tribulations that bring us to this day, one that I am so very grateful to be a part of and share in.

I think that you both are extraordinary individuals. Each of you brings something special to my life and each memory made. Each of you lends their own special magic to me when I need I'm lacking it. You give a promise of the passage of time with much laughter, new babies and special gifts. I honor you more now than ever because for many reasons the last two years of our lives have broken and healed us many times over, but we manage to stay together and push the others along.

Two and a half years ago doesn't seem as far away as it is, does it? I often wonder where it went and how much has happened in that space of time. We have been forced to say goodbye, we have welcomed new hellos, and through it all we have held ourselves and each other in spite of and at times in celebration of everything. How very lucky we are, in light of those who know nothing of these far reaching bonds.

Every letter I write for someone is a page torn out of my soul, a page given so that the people I love will have something of me forever. You never know if the last time you see someone you love will ever be the last time and that is why it is so important to make your time here amazing and a special place for those who make the life worth living. I want you to have it as praise, as testimonial, as reassurance, and as comfort for the days ahead.

I told Damien earlier this morning that I remember the day when I first met you, Mac - and how much laughter and happiness you brought with you from the beginning. You have worked hard to prove yourself and be worthy of Shannon, which is all I could have ever hoped for. I've watched you become so much stronger and healthier, so calmed and open and centered and whole since I first met you and though I don't tell you this often enough, I love you immensely and am proud of the man you are.

From the day I first met you, Shannon, you have always made me feel priceless. Each new thing you share with me feels like the numbness of winter thawing into the warmth and rebirth of spring. A hug from you chases out the gray and makes way for the shining blue. You have worked so hard to have something for yourself and for Illeigh so that you could one day share that with someone, and today is the graduation of all you have earned. For me to take part in it means a great deal more than you could know, and you must never underestimate how grateful I am for everything that you represent. My love and adoration of you simply knows no boundaries, because none exist.

Today I honor you both for making a place for yourselves and each other, and for the home that you build with love and with hope. Today my privilege is to share with so many others who love you in watching you cross the first finish line of many mountain climbs. Know that wherever each day takes you, I will be there at the end of them all with open arms.

Much love and many hugs,

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