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Welcome To Saturday...

Today my friends mac & Shannon are getting married in the Rankin Quarter. Last night we all had dinner together at Chef Lee's and it was super yummy. Mac went around the table his extended family was siting at and introduced everyone, and Shannon did the same with her side of the table. When she got to Damien and myself, she said "And these are our closest good friends, Damien & Jude" which made me very happy and very proud.

I just made breakfast for my family, to include biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, hash browns, and eggs. We're about to get started on the day. I've got to get some clothes ironed, laundry put away, my room cleaned, and showered and shaved before we go downtown for the pictures. I have to think of a toast to make at the reception, and I have to write them a letter to take on their honeymoon. That is going to be my biggest task of the day. I'm about to finish laundry and get tehse folks motivated, so I'm outta here for the time being. Have a great day, all!
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