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I started the morning like I always do on Turkey Day, at 6AM with a cup of coffee and my list of things to do, establishing a plan of attack in my kitchen. On the menu for today:I've decided to take a quick break from cooking & prepping because the oven is full and I cannot do much else right now but wait until it empties. Everything else that CAN be done IS done, so I'm chilling out and catching up on news & catching my breath.

I was thinking earlier that I'm going to be completely surrounded by love today, whether by the people I will see and hug and share a meal with later, or by my friends scattered all over this planet and in cyberspace. I hope you all know that I'm thinking of you as well today and that I'm wishing for your safe journeys and returns to all of your destinations today and all weekend.

My dear friend Yellow (if all goes according to plan) will be here on Saturday, which is fantastic as I haven't actually been in the same room with her in many years. I expect to do what I usually do as soon as I see a friend I haven't seen in ages - burst into tears and be a big weepy, sappy mess... - like I'm won't to do.

There is just so much to be grateful for, and I plan on today being an opportunity to pull people aside and let them know that, and offer them back some of what they give me.

Be well, all - and be safe.

Much love, and many hugs,
- Brad/Jude/jesus_h_biscuit
Tags: cooking, love, recipes, thanksgiving

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