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Shine On You Crazy Diamond 
5th-Nov-2007 11:03 pm
I've been listening to the new Sigur Rós today, thinking about how much I adore this band and this amazing music - and for some reason I just got really sad. Syd Barrett popped into my head, and I remembered that he died last year, and I turned off Sigur Rós and instead played Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album from start to finish. It's my favorite.

I made two pans worth of home made granola for breakfasts and for snacking while I got set up for dinner, then D got home and we ran across the way to look at another loft we're considering moving into as it is a lot more secluded and quiet - plus it's on a ground floor, no elevators, no asshole people running around destroying the place, and considerably less animals around that said assholes are not cleaning up after. It has a lot more storage space and space in general - including cabinet and counter space in the kitchen, and best of all - a pantry. And 4 skylights, which I loved. And it looks directly into the trees and really nice landscaping, no cars or excessive parking lot asphalt. Maybe we will, or maybe we'll just hold out for a house. It would be nice to have a change of scenery and get the hell out of this building, one way or another.

I'm very out of sorts right now, but I get to spend tomorrow morning/afternoon with Christi and baby Willow, and the tomorrow evening at her house - which is my home away from home - and that always makes things better.

And my head hurts. My complaining is boring me.
6th-Nov-2007 05:03 pm (UTC)
Do you get depressed, melancholy, or find you are more out-of-sorts when fall and winter roll around? I do, that's why I ask. I have a full-spectrum light that really helps in dealing with the lack of sunight, not just because it's cloudy, but because there is less light during the day.

As Debbie Harry once said: "Stars live in the evening, but the very young need the sun, uh huh..."
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