Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Top 5 Laminated & The Turkey Kicker Meme

Alright, here's how this works. I'm starting a new meme - a fun and interesting one, for a change. Blame daisy_down for this one.

In everyone's mind, there are the celebrities that they wanna have sexy time with. We all have those fantasies of the people you want to screw, if you had the chance and it were an option in the first place. Think "Oh, I'd SO do ____ if I had the chance to!" Thing is, there have to be the top 5 that you always come back to, the top 5 that you always keep a torch burning for. This top 5 list is your Top 5 Laminated, meaning it is permanent and doesn't change.

A Turkey Kicker is the one person you want to do so badly that you'd lose your mind to do it - so much so in fact that you'd let them have their beasty way with you on the dining room table with your entire family present for Thanksgiving Dinner and to make it happen, you'd have to kick the turkey (as well as everything else) off the table to make sufficient room.

So - who is your Top 5 Laminated, and who is the Turkey Kicker? Here's my list:
    Top 5 Laminated List
    (in no particular order of importance)
  1. Pat Burrell (Phillies Left Fielder) [pic]
  2. Chris Joannou (Hot Aussie, Bassist, Silverchair) [pic]
  3. Ricardo Chavira, Jr. (Actor, Desperate Housewives, "Carlos Solis") [pic]
  4. Brian Peeler (Workout on Bravo TV) [pic]
  5. Stanislav Ianevski (Actor, Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, "Viktor Krum") [pic]

    Turkey Kicker:
    Paul Teutul, Jr. (American Chopper) [pic 1, 2]
Tags: hotties, meme, rawr, top 5 laminated and turkey kicker meme

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