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What I Want... 
29th-Oct-2007 09:36 pm
I want Hillary Clinton to start speaking in a language that I can hear and gravitate toward. I want to like her and believe her, so that I can endorse her with a better conscience when she gets the Democratic nom. I'll even say it - however it has to happen, I want Bill Clinton back in the White House.

I want Barack Obama to stop disappointing me and get his head out of the religious right's anti-gay asshole. My love affair with Barack Obama is dangerously close to over.

I want Ron Paul to start doing better, because if there is anyone who can reform the GOP it is him.

I want my head to stop being so hurty.

I want everyone to watch this clip.

And this one.
31st-Oct-2007 02:07 am (UTC) - What I Want...
i want HRC to go the fuck away. if she costs the democrats this election they probably don't deserve any better, but the many americans i know who chafe under the corrupt republicans do. and i don't want peckerhead bill back in the white house either; i don't like the man. you're ticked off at obama for his flirtation with an anti-gay religious arse? bill clinton betrayed the gay vote outright with DADT in the military and DoMA. and not just the gay vote. he left a trail of broken promises; no health care reform, no freedom of choice act, no protection for haiti refugees, old-growth forest logging continued, welfare "reform" hurt the ones who needed it most, and he started the idiotic anti-terrorism legislation circus. musta been so long ago people forgot. i haven't. "anything but bush" ain't good enough for me. i don't want the ones back who've already proven themselves not trustworthy.

the clintons are so far on the right wing of the democrats that they've caused the entire party to shift to the right. which is why for a while there people used to claim it made no difference whether one voted democrat or republican. bush has reestablished that yeah, it does make a difference, but i'd like there to be more substantive differences again. and i'd like backstabbing opportunists like the clintons to get relegated to the sidelines.

barack obama has made mistakes, but they still come under "everybody makes mistakes" for me. they're NOTHING compared to the crap HRC has demonstrably served up.

and he's just one of the democrat nominees i like more than HRC. i will be so pissed if HRC actually wins this over any of the people who have way more integrity than she does. i'll just wash my hands of the US political system altogether.
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