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What I Want... 
29th-Oct-2007 09:36 pm
I want Hillary Clinton to start speaking in a language that I can hear and gravitate toward. I want to like her and believe her, so that I can endorse her with a better conscience when she gets the Democratic nom. I'll even say it - however it has to happen, I want Bill Clinton back in the White House.

I want Barack Obama to stop disappointing me and get his head out of the religious right's anti-gay asshole. My love affair with Barack Obama is dangerously close to over.

I want Ron Paul to start doing better, because if there is anyone who can reform the GOP it is him.

I want my head to stop being so hurty.

I want everyone to watch this clip.

And this one.
30th-Oct-2007 01:08 pm (UTC)
Part of the issue that we are re-discovering is that we cannot expect perfection in our political candidates...the entire purpose of political campaigns is to permit voters to see what the candidates think on a variety of issues, how they behave and interact with other people who express differences of opinion, and how they develop positions on the issues important to the electorate. When we have someone painted as "The Answer" to all that ails the country, we can either demand that they show us why they should be granted the trust to BE "The Answer", or we can accept it and walk away from our responsibilities as citizens. We've done the latter for the past 8 years, collectively, and we are all witnesses to the extreme damage it does. We have to learn--again--that we have to look at who has the best capabilities on average, to address the most concerns--on average--in a way that meets the approval of most citizens--on average--with the least amount of negativity. We're talking about net sums, not perfection in a wind-up robot broken straight out of the mold.

I know how you feel about Obama...I was impressed enough to vote for him as my senator...and he IS good in that job WHEN HE FOCUSES ON IT. Unfortunately, his presence in Illinois as a senator is non-existent since he announced his presidential run, and that has made a huge impact on the way I view him. There are other things that make him well-suited to be a senator but not YET ready to be a chief executive...but I'll leave that for now.
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