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So This Is Mythmas... And What Have You Done

Okay, first thing's first. If I am posting more than 2 pictures on my journal entries, I use the lj-cut feature. If I make an extra long post, then DAMN some lj-cut. This is MY journal, folks. All you whiney candyassed bitches who think anything over a couple of paragraphs has to be carried over to another page need to slap the shit out of yourselves for me. Your scrolling fingers ain't broke. If you happen to be too busy to scroll through a long journal post, then get off of the fucking computer. You know what, though? How very American - baseball, apple pie, and useless bitching because you're too fucking lazy, yet you'll waste six kinds of energy to complain about what amounts to absolutely n o t h i n g. Fuck off with that bullshit.


I'm sitting here watching the lightning flash outside of the studio, and waiting to lose the show signal any minute now. The board is completely fucked up, the channels are not synching up and the automation triggers are not firing. Even the manual buttons on the board are useless. Basically what I'm saying is that if I lose the signal or the transmitter goes down from the storms, I don't have a lot of options. Ah yes, the last shreds of the bootlegging that passed for management for all these years are making their last vain runs for the proverbial border.

I managed to get 4 hours of sleep last night, but the upside is that no one is working a full day today and I'll have some help at home with the kids and an afternoon nap might actually happen today. Woohoo!! Tonight I'm going to get ahead on the Mythmas dinner we're having at Paw Paw's tomorrow at noon. I'm working an extra 2 hours (6AM until noon) tomorrow, which is fine by me considering it will help with the 2 days I missed last week. Then making a beeline for Paw Paw's. This is going to be our first Mythmas without Granny, but I know she'll be there.

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