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The World's Growing Number of Smokers
By Bryan Farrell, In These Times. Posted October 4, 2007.
Big Tobacco won't stop until it's infiltrated every possible market.

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Romney Snubs MS Patient Who Asks About Medical Marijuana [VIDEO]
By Muriel Kane & David Edwards. Posted at 12:30 PM on October 8, 2007.
Clayton Holton, who has muscular dystrophy, told Romney, "I have the support of five of my doctors saying I am living proof that medical marijuana works."

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With "Progressives" Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
By David Sirota, Posted October 3, 2007.
Beltway Democrats are too often a part of the problem.

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The War on Pot: America's $42 Billion Annual Boondoggle
By Rob Kampia, AlterNet. Posted October 9, 2007.
What else could we spend $42 billion each year on? Health insurance for kids? Better paid teachers? It's our choice.

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How to Find Out Where Your Congressperson Stands on Climate Change
By Bill McKibben, Grist Magazine. Posted October 5, 2007.
If you want to know where your congressperson stands on climate change, invite him/her to the Step It Up rally.

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  • The Religious Right's New Tactics for Invading Public Schools
    By Rob Boston, Church and State. Posted October 4, 2007.
    As the school year gets under way, public schools around the nation are under siege from Religious Right pressure groups determined to turn them into instruments of evangelism.

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  • Anti-Gay Movement of Immigrant Fundamentalist Christians Threatens Western States
    By Casey Sanchez, Intelligence Report. Posted October 5, 2007.
    Russian-speaking Christian fundamentalists, mostly immigrants from the former Soviet Union, have formed a ferocious anti-gay movement in the western U.S.

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