Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Two Predictions

I'm feeling very strongly about two things. The first is that within a year, Britney Spears will be dead. Literally. Losing custody of her children is a whole new level of low, and to lose custody to a complete loser like Kevin Federline sets a new precedent. For a lot of people this would be an opportunity to self improve and regain custody as a better parent and more able adult, but I think this girl is just way too far past self destructive.

The second is that George W. Bush, the Head Chimp In Chief and the embarrassment of the nation, will order an air strike invasion of Iran before leaving office. Because we haven't lost ALL of our allies yet. White House Spokeswhore Dana Perino smugly and arrogantly dismissed the question of a possible aggressive action against Iran in a presser yesterday, claiming that the President believes there is a "diplomatic solution to this problem". Which is complete horse shit, because he refuses to engage Iran in discussion, hiding behind the assertion that he will not negotiate with terrorists and that Iran is a terrorist state. The Iraq war was entirely predicated on lies, why should this one be any different.
Tags: britney, iran, predictions
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