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They need hills here

When the wind blows around here, it blows around here. It is because Ohio is very flat. Like ridiculously flat. The wind has nothing but the occaisional tree (and these are limited as well) and buildings to slow it down, so it gathers more energy as it moves and picks up speed before slamming into the side of the house where Damien and I are sleeping and having me wake up and go "What the fuck was THAT?" Did I mention that it is COLD up in this mug?

Being here with Patti is the best, I love this woman to bits. Damien has grown to love her as well. She has that effect on people, you can't not love her! It is very quiet here now, I'm still the only one awake. We have to leave by 10:30 to meet at Andrea's house and follow them downtown to the wedding. I still have to press my clothes and Damien's shirt, but that will take me all of 10 minutes. Yet another freaky thing about me, I actually like to iron clothes. That's because I'm bloody good at it. ::puts on "Domestic God" apron::... After the reception this evening we're coming back here and getting ready for the drive home in the morning. We're leaving again at 3:30-4:00AM to put us back home by 4:00PM. The weather channel said we might get snow flurries today and actual snow tomorrow, but we'll be leaving so we don't have to contend with that craziness. You know how dogs act when they go outside in the snow and freak out because they rarely see it? That's me. Also, being that I live in Columbus, GA and am currently in Columbus, OH it is noteworthy that the roadsigns are fucking with me in a big way. "Where the FUCK is I-185? What do you MEAN exit here for Downtown Columbus? There's no freeway exit for... no, wait a minute..."

All things considered and excluding Patti, this place is depressing and I want to come home. I miss my family and the children. I haven't been away from Avery this long since she was born and yesterday in the grocery store I saw a little baby girl and I wanted to be home SO BADLY. More than anything in the world (excluding winning millions of dollars and having Damien with me forever) I want to hug and kiss Maggie and Cole, and hold my baby Avery and feel her snuggle against my chest and feel my heart soar when I ask her to give me kisses - and she always does. Of course, they are always given with an open mouth and are occaisionally very slobbery, but that's how you know you love someone.

I miss all of you and I'm ready to come home. I just wish Patti would come with me.

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