Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


T-shirts I want:

I got mad spreadsheets, yo!
Mulletman: Workin for the weekend
Guns don't kill people, People with moustaches kill people.
That's how I roll
Fish & CHiPs
I shoot people!
If There Was a Problem, Yo I'd Solve It.
Mojitos, Mo Problems
This is prolly my awesomest shirt
Smile if You're Gay
White People Are Crazy
We Be Illin'
Master of My Domain
A Baby Stole My Dingo!
Sectional Healing
Hobbes' revenge
Barry takes it in the ass
Oh Noes, Charlie Brown! Lucy is a punt!
Dick in a box
The end s near
Miss Teen South Carolina
Honestly, I was never that hungry hungry
Dramatic Chipmunk
Push It (Push It Real Good)
Oh snap!
Where my dogs at?

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