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Josh Groban just absolutely gives me chills. I've been listening to his version of "O Holy Night" because I love that song and it is the most beautiful version I have found thus far. his other music is not really my thing, but I'm slowly getting into it as I have such admiration for his voice. Just amazing. Someone closed WINMX on my computer the other day, I was 20% into a Jeff Buckley video that I've never seen and now the guy I was getting it from won't sign back on to let it finish - the fucker! It's a live video of him performing "What Will You Say" at the Glastonbury Festival in '95, with one of the picks I now own! The last time I tried to get this from him (and he's the only one who has it as far as I can tell) the same thing happened and that was 4 months ago. If I don't get this download soon, I'm liable to blow a gasket in my head or something.

I'm in the process of trying to make lists of all I need to do and everything I have to pack before I leave town Thursday morning. We're planning on leaving about 3:30 or 4:00AM, that will put us in Ohio by 6:00PM roughly. I spoke to Patti last night, she is really stoked that we're coming. I am personally looking forward to this trip, to get away for a few days and to meet everyone there. To see all the sights on the way up, S*N*O*W!!, the mountains, the whole deal.

I've got to make cd's to entertain us, stuff we can sing to and such. I've got to finish laundry and clean my room spotless so I can come home to a clean bedroom. It never ends, does it?

Then to top it all off, I have a very sick baby girl at home. Avery is coughing and sneezing, she has a runny nose and watery eyes and is very congested and cranky. I know she feels miserable, I think I would too. That having been said, I really hope I don't catch what she has before this trip! I'm taking my vitamins and extra vitamin c and echinacea.

It's just now 6:00AM, why am I hungry? I rarely ever eat breakfast, and certainly not this early! I feel kinda wacky today, let's hope my show goes well.


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