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I Like Ron Paul - There, I Said It Again. 
6th-Sep-2007 08:07 pm
Is it just me or is Ron Paul
The ONLY Republican that "gets it"?

Perhaps more remarkable than watching Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee trot out the “if you break it, you buy it” analogy in relation to the Iraq war during Wednesday’s debate is taking in Ron Paul’s exasperated speech about how a handful of neocons in Washington “hijacked our foreign policy.”

Ron Paul aims and shoots correctly every time he speaks on foreign policy.
7th-Sep-2007 04:13 am (UTC)
Thanks for the info! Right now I don't see anyone I'd give my vote to. I'm sick of this entire farce. We have no equal representation as it stands. These candidates will say anything depending on the group they are talking to, and vote depending on whose lining their pockets.

Personally I'd like to see the chance to run for president open to ANY American, not just those with money. I'm tired of only those who can raise $200 million or more getting into office. Right off the bat they are beholding to those that gave them money and money corrupts.

I think anyone should get a chance. The air waves, and newspapers should be open to all.FREE during the election year. I'd give time and news space to anyone who wants to run an open platform to have their say on all the issues, and no one would have to take campaign money.

I'd have 3 months for anyone interested in running. Check out their backgrounds. Get all to give their real opinions on all the issues, publish those, then have open debates and then let people decide.

If people who ran for office didn't owe anyone for getting them there I feel there would be more of a chance they would vote according to their real feelings on the issues.

Then people could vote on the issues they feel are important and everyone would get a chance to be represented.

As it stands only those who already have money and power have a chance to be president. They tend to only represent big business, big churches, and people with lots of money. Where does that leave most Americans? Out of luck for equal representation.

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