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Everything Is Frozen

Damien and I went to the movies last night (rather to the MOVIE, as we only saw the one) to see "The Ring", which is based on a series of Japanese movies - the first of which is called "Ringu" (see here for more info and movie stills). It was interesting, kind of reminded me of The Mothman Prophecies and Stir Of Echoes - and that other film that came out around the same time as Stir Of Echoes, the one that is a lot like it in plot but the name or anything else about it escapes me. Any idea what I'm talking about?

So I finally get to bed around 12:30 or so, right? Maggie was in Atlanta for Shannon's batchelorette estrogen fest, Nathan was out with Mac for his Batchelor semi-naked skank fest to view the STD's in their host body, and the kids were spending the night with Grandmommy & Grandpa. The phone rings. "Goddamned Swinging Richards is closed! What the hell is that about? We want to see hot, dancing, naked wiener!" Maggie giggles into my ear. I suggested The Lemon Peel and the Coronet Club. She sounded like she was having a lot of fun.

It is unnervingly quiet in this house. I'm going to figure out the layout for the floating frame I'm going to do for the Buckley picks and check on my downloads.

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