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My birthday dinner was at my favorite restaurant in town, this little Korean hole-in-the-wall type place where they know all of their regulars by order as soon as you walk in the door. Dinner was fantastic, it was myself, Damien (thedigitalghost), Mom (djrl), Dad, Tina, Cheryl (isis691), Maggie, Nathan, Cole, Haley, Avery, Renea (lolasenvy), Anjelica (chola23712), Pam, & John (photol). I got the mandoline I've been wanting forever; I got a ball rocking Kokopelli lamp that is lighting up my desk as I type; Lilo & Stitch on DVD, CD, AND on a lunchbox and thermos (you don't understand... I l o v e Lilo & Stitch), and four guitar picks from the estate of Jeff Buckley - actual guitar picks he used. I'm still beyond stunned by them. I see lots more collected JB memorabilia in my future!

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