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Elissa's Music

My friend Page sent me a ton of scanned pictures, a few of Elissa and mostly of old Lenny era show flyers, news clippings, handwritten lyrics and set lists, and a picture that Elissa had colored which made me laugh out loud. I uploaded everything to a gallery that you can find here. Image thumbnails are set to open into full size - just keep clicking on the individual pictures and they'll open to full size for you. I'm planning a memorial post for her upcoming birthday, but decided that I'd go ahead and do this much now while I had the opportunity.

It's funny too, because I've been thinking a lot about her lately and listening to the music again while I'm doing different things at home.

I've re-uploaded all of the music as well, in case anyone is missing it:

  1. Take Me
  2. The Fields
  3. Feed The Ghost
  4. Driving In My Car
  5. Enemy
  6. Purple Thoughts
  7. In This Land
  8. Blacks And Bluez
  9. Little Girl Blue
  10. Banquet
  11. This Is Just A Love Song*
  12. Dangerous Relationship*

* = Bonus tracks unavailable on the original independently released cassette tape

Liner Notes
Elissa Hadley - Vocals
Scott Simpson - Guitars
Greg Fralish - Bass, congas
Jim Payne - Drums

Background Vocals: Elissa, Fred, and Queenie

All songs written by Hadley, Simpson
© 1991
except Banquet, written by Hadley, Simpson, Thomas

Recorded and mixed by William L. Whedbee II at Zone Studio, Norcross, GA

Special Thanks to Bill, Tin Ja Jo, Fred, Page B., Brian C., and William L. Whedbee II.

Cover art by Autumn Dubose

"I wanna be more like the ocean,
no talking man - all action."

- Perry Farrell

    Demos & Unfinished Recordings
  1. Green And Grey
  2. Gregory (instrumental)
  3. Grampa
  4. Untitled #1
  5. In Madison
  6. Untitled #2
  7. Grace
  8. Untitled #3
  9. Shine (live in studio)
  10. Bridge


  1. Day
  2. Little Ghost
  3. Twirling
  4. Sink
  5. Things I Know
  6. In The Moss
  7. Indiana
  8. For Now


Nectar featuring Elissa Hadley:
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland) - [.flac]
  • Blood Sings (Suzanne Vega) - [.flac]
  • Knives Out (Radiohead) - [.flac]
  • 84,000 Different Delusions (Shawn Colvin) - [.flac]
  • Washing Of The Water (Peter Gabriel) - [.flac]
  • For All We Know (Nina Simone) - [.flac]
Tags: breathlanes, elissa hadley, lenny, nectar

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