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One Year Ago Today... 
27th-Aug-2007 10:07 am
One year ago today, Elissa Hadley lost her fight to cervical cancer and the world of everyone that ever spent time in her presence got smaller and colder. Later today I'll repost all of her music so that everyone who has not heard it finally has a chance and can share it with others. Also, I would like everyone to read this post and link to it, please - for my sweet little E.

Elissa Hadley, 1 April 1970-27 August 2006

I am better
I am braver
I am bird wings and birthday cake
Flying starlight clean again
I am flying starlight clean
I am
I am twinkly
Like a tree
At Christmas time
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you...

This is Elissa's song that was played at the close of her memorial service. She sang it for the Breathlanes album "For Now". Click the green 'play' button to start the music.
Download it: [.mp3 zip file]
28th-Aug-2007 01:45 am (UTC)
Hi Jude,

I doesn't seem possible that it has been a year since Elissa died.

I know that you lost a very dear friend and the world lost a wonderful woman, artist and human being.

Today I have been surrounded by cancer in one way or another all day. My best friend is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and I heard from her today, Nina's best friend is going through chemo too, this post today about Elissa, Larry got the results of a PSA to check for prostrate cancer (none thank goodness) and it was 4 years ago today I had my 1st surgery to remove the cancer from my face.

The thing is you are right about cancer being a disease, it's not who we are no more than diabetes, or kidney disease or anything else.

You've given out a lot of good advice on your journal. I might add to it remember to check "ANY" lump in or on your body. My cancer was a small marble sized lump in front of my left ear. I just thought it was from the TMJ I have. Had I not asked the doctor while there getting something else checked out I may not have been here today.

I lost so many family members to cancer and I knew about lumps, but I didn't think of it being in the salivary gland. Who even thinks about those glands?

You can get cancer just about anywhere in your body and so many cancers can either be prevented or can be treated if caught early like colon cancer.

And despite what so many doctors tell people especially women you are never too young to get breast or cervical cancer. You wouldn't believe how many women I know who have been told that only to later die when it could have been treated.

Thanks for spreading the word about cervical cancer and for sharing your dear friend Elissa with us all.

Sending hugs!


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