Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Melanie Morgan: The New Face Of Right Wing Apologetics

I swear, it's like Michelle Malkin & Coultermort were scissoring each other like the pistons on a V12 760Li at 7600 RPM, and Dick Cheney stood over them pounding it out and spooged right onto their slammin' peeshes - and from this unholy froth was birthed Melanie Morgan. What a wretched, pinched faced, squirrelly cuntblaster this broad is. Her points are like trying to make sense out of the Mormons.

Also, I have been pondering this for the next fundie that tries to badger me. For god so loved the world, he raped a pre-pubescent teen who would give birth to a son who would later need to kill himself to save humanity from a hell that was created by god in the first place. Hallelujah, or some junk.

I baked cookies and made limeade, and you can't have any. Not unless you bring me a puppy.

I want a pug.


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