Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

10 Random Things About Biscuit

  1. I've eaten ostrich, emu, buffalo, rattlesnake, goat, cuttlefish, mealworms (in a chimichanga), crickets (fried and served as croutons on a salad), ants (in little chocolate cups), and other things I've blocked out.
  2. When I was a child, we actually had a pet monkey. His name was Marty and he went berserk whenever let out of his cage.
  3. I love grocery shopping and trips to the farmer's market. Fresh produce makes me happy.
  4. I cannot drink cow's milk because it grosses me out, but ice cream and half & half I have no issues with.
  5. I have been fired from jobs because people were rude to me and I verbally bitchslapped the fuck out of them. Go big or go home, know what I'm saying?
  6. I don't like white wine.
  7. Most days, I would rather be on a beach doing nothing than anywhere else doing anything.
  8. I love to go fishing, especially if there's beer involved.
  9. I am terrified of heights, even in movies or on TV.
  10. I love heavy thunderstorms, lightning, thunder, the whole bit. Rain makes me happy and oftentimes sleepy, especially if it is raining hard when I wake up.
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