Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I Am Completely Enthralled

I posted last week about the new Sigur Rós DVD that comes out on November 5th, but the link I posted to was a crappy YouTube video of the trailer (stills here). They've released a HD version that is FUCKING AMAZING. See it here - it's a long load time, but SO worth it. Heima (which means "homeland" and "at home" in Icelandic), a concert film shot in 15 locales around the land of Ice on the band's summer 2006 tour. It will be released on DVD in the UK from EMI. The film includes footage of the band performing free shows in venues both large and small, from "deserted fish factories" and "inside a derelict herring oil tank" to the band's largest-ever concert in Reykjavík.

The band will release a double compliation album on the same day - called “Hvarf-Heim”.

The first part, Hvarf, will have studio versions of unreleased songs, ’Salka’, ‘Hljómalind’, ‘Í Gær’ and ‘Von’ - all four live favorites from over the years. The second disc is called “Heim” and will have acoustic studio versions of ’Samskeyti’, ’Starálfur’, ‘Vaka’, ‘Ágætis Byrjun’, ‘Heysátan’ and ‘Von’.

I absolutely cannot wait!

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