Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Christian Love?

My friend furrbear has been blogging about his friend and neighbor Cecil Sinclair, a Navy vet who died recently and the ensuing horror laid down by a megachurch that cancelled his funeral/memorial service because he was a gay man. It's all over the news now (MSNBC , Yahoo, Alternet), and it's sickening. And typical in speaking to the root of how completely heartless these motherfuckers are.

This is why I hate religion, people - because of the bullshit it creates in dividing people, especially when that division kicks people down in a time of serious need. What if this had happened to someone YOU know and love? When is enough enough?

Read furrbear's posts, including the post from Cecil's partner Paul and imagine being him right now. Imagine being part of this family, this community.

Link to this post or write up your own, please - and talk to people about this situation. They helped send this great man to his grave with a broken heart and a projected shame that was never his to begin with, and it is intolerable. Make sure people know about this. The more people who know, maybe the more will turn their backs away from these people and stop financing them, and turn towards the people in their community who need them most.
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