Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Sean Gonsavles On Race Dynamics & White Suburban Culture

This was posted on Alternet yesterday, but I missed it because I was working on the vote_smart community layout - WHICH, by the way, I want everyone to check out and link to, please.

Gonsalves addresses what I have long thought were logistical and well reasoned points, I've even been involved in roundtable discussions on the subjects of white privilege and racial tax - they're always very heated discussions and it never fails that true colors (no pun intended) and prejudices get revealed in these sorts of discussions. Read it with an open mind, there are a few people who read this blog that I know already are going to have some interesting things to say on the matter.

None So Blind as the 'Color Blind' (2 pages)
No matter how many times a disturbed white male shoots up a school, church or workplace, bombs an abortion clinic or is arrested for being a serial killer, nobody raises questions like: is something wrong with white suburban culture?

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