Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Jon Soltz Obliterates Melanie Morgan

First off, Jon Soltz ( didn't need any more help to make himself ridiculously hot and sexy - but this clip wins, hands down. I've been loath to bring up Melanie Morgan (R-Cuntasia) as I lump her in with the Malkin/Coultermort crowd of vile cuntness. I couldn't find a decent clip of her News Hour appearance that had her banned from ever appearing on that program again, but have found this one which illustrates why very clearly. You cannot go on a respectable program that actually supports real news and journalistic values with a Fox News mentality and set of behavioral standards. I only wish the media at large would hold to the same standard.

This is broken into 2 parts, wach them both - it's only about 10 minutes or so. She consistently interrupts him, casting aspersions and taking nonsensical digs and practically swallows her own tongue when he bests her. Plus, he's smokin' hot.

Soltz Lays the Smack Down On Morgan, Pt. 1

Pt. 2

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