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This came to me via lolasenvy:
Hey Everyone!

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a fund raiser that is very dear to my heart. My sister and I have neighbors who have lost just about everything following their son’s serious battle with meningitis. In an effort to keep him healthy, they sacrificed their money, and as a result lost power and water to their home. The whole family is in essence camping – hoping to get back on top of the tremendous debt. Worse still, their three boys will be preparing to start school this month. We have decided to make an anonymous gift to this family through a fund raiser. You can help by purchasing the very same Avon products you trust and love. All my commission will be donated totally 50% of the sale will go to restoring electricity and water, paying one months rent, supplying groceries, and getting some much needed school supplies for this family. If ever there was a time you could do something wonderful, this was it. All you need to do is order any products on the included fund raiser mini sheet, and drop them with payment with either me or my sister. All orders will receive a tax exempt receipt for tax filing purposes, and I will ship anywhere! Donations are also welcomed. In addition, as personal thanks, I will be adding everyone’s name to a drawing for a specially made Basket of Beauty worth over $150! Any orders can be made 24 hours a day by phone 706.987.5723 or by e-mail

With your help, we can change the lives of five wonderful people. Thanks so much for your time!

The four full color Order form are available for download here:

Anyone who might like to make a donation can via paypal to ''

To repost this on your own blog, get the code here.
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