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It's Friday, thank dog... Speaking of dogs, Nathan found a puppy wandering yesterday in the parking lot at Publix - he was freezing, hungry, and frightened. Poor baby isn't older than 8 weeks, I should imagine. I cannot tel what kind of puppy he is (aside from completely precious) but he has peanut butter brown colored fur, a black mask, and rather floppy ears. Kind of like a mastiff:

He's going to be a big 'ol monster! Until we find him a home, we're calling him "Buckley". ::does the cabbage patch::

Okay, explain how THIS makes sense... A companywide meeting has been scheduled for this morning at 8:30AM... All of us who are in morning drive shows are going to be taken off the air for this meeting. ::twitches, shakes head::

I Love You!

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