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Habitat for Humanity

When five feet of water flooded their apartment in New Orleans, Shawn knew that she and her daughter Hayley would be homeless. But she didn't know that when they were torn from their home, they also would be torn from each other.

The Senate can improve post-disaster support that's so critical for low-income families and their children whose homes are destroyed.

Will YOUR Senators?

Take Action Today!

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina "was the worst time of our lives,"Shawn says of the agonizing months she spent searching for a place to live while Hayley was miles away in Texas with relatives.

So far, the housing needs of families post-disaster have not been met, and Habitat for Humanity is advocating for policies to solve this problem -and if you act today, hope for families like Shawn's is on the horizon.

The Senate can - and should - take immediate steps to improve post-disaster support that's so critical for low-income families and their children. Will your Senators?

Take one minute to urge your Senators to put better policies in place.

Housing problems afflict a full one-third of Americans, whether it's poor-quality shelter, unmanageable payments, or overcrowding. When a disaster strikes, and families are displaced, these issues can quickly spiral out of control.

"We lost all our belongingsexcept what we managed to take with us when we evacuated," says Shawn. Families like hers - homeless and separated after a disaster - need a support system that helps them get back on their feet without traumatic separation and unsafe living conditions.

Why is this legislation so important? If it had been in place, disaster response likely would have included:

  • A flexible menu of housing options that meet the needs and circumstances of families, including allowing families to remain in damaged homes when possible, and using trailers, hotels, apartments, and other options when appropriate;
  • Community-based recovery efforts that allow more families to remain near their homes, jobs, schools, and support systems; and
  • A streamlined housing response that ensures families have immediate access to a single point of contact for housing-related services and that all families receive equal access to consistent benefits.

Hurricane season is upon us. Don't let another disaster strike without this legislation in place.

Please - add your voice in support of this critical housing legislation!

Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to helping those in need obtain decent, affordable homes. When disasters strike, those who are already vulnerable get hit the hardest. Their future rests on decisions made today!


Jonathan Reckford
Chief Executive Officer
Habitat for Humanity International

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