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More Iraq Failure, How We're Leaving Our Own ON Their Own, & The Senate All-Nighter

"Although Department of Defense standards for enlistment in the armed forces disqualify recruits who suffer from "[Post Traumatic Stress Disorder], the military is redeploying service members to Iraq who fit that criteria."

- The Hartford Courant, 5/14/06
Bush "strongly opposes" a 3.5% pay raise for the military. Adding yet more insult to grave injury, the Pentagon balked at pleas from officers in field for safer vehicles. Iraqi troops got MRAPs while the Americans waited. So much for that responsibility to give our troops the protection and equipment they need. Remember how a lot of us have been saying that the situation we have created in the middle east has created more terrorists than it has killed? Well now we have even Bush's intelligence report saying the war in Iraq is making us less safe at home:
The National Intelligence Estimate that was released today—titled "The Terrorist Threat to the Homeland"—amounts to a devastating critique of the Bush administration's policies on Iraq, Iran, and the terrorist threat itself.

Its main point is that the threat—after having greatly receded over the past five years—is back in full force. Al-Qaida has "protected or regenerated key elements" of its ability to attack the United States. It has a "safe haven" in Pakistan. Its "top leadership" and "operational lieutenants" are intact. It is cooperating more with "regional terrorist groups."

As a result, the report concludes, "the U.S. Homeland will face a persistent and evolving terrorist threat over the next three years" and is, even now, "in a heightened threat environment."
There's more here.

On Tuesday, BooMan posted about the Historical Night in the Senate and David Sirota wrote a post entitled On Iraq, It's The Senate Country Club vs. The Country At Large. For those who missed out on the Senate allnighter details, some of the best bits were blogged at AlterNet. I still think the best speech of the night award goes to Sen. Mary Landrieu - video is here - definitely a must-see.

I'm working on a post now about the Neoconservative Republican movement and how they really, sincerely want all liberals tortured and executed. These are the people that Coultermort speaks to and speaks for, and they're dangerous minds to say the least and fucking scary to say the most.
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