Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Impeachment Will Be The Catalyst For Change, But It Only Starts There

envirobear directed me to a recent installment of Bill Moyers Journal, where Bill speaks with Bruce Fein, who drafted the first article of impeachment against Clinton, and John Nichols, who wrote a book called THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT: THE FOUNDERS' CURE FOR ROYALISM. It's a chilling discussion that identifies the crux of the corruption in government at the highest levels, what must happen to stop it, and what must happen to prevent future instances from occurring.

If you love your country but not your government, you need to not only read this post, but GET INVOLVED. Visit, write your representatives (as envirobear has done here), and demand accountability.

Do it, or you forfeit your right to complain about it later. Just like voting. The Bush Administration will be over next year, but the legacy it will leave will be in many ways insurmountable and will also leave what D refers to as a "toolbox with more powers than any president has ever had, more powers than the founders could have imagined. And that box may be handed to Hillary Clinton or it may be handed to Mitt Romney or Barack Obama or someone else. But whoever gets it, one of the things we know about power is that people don't give away the tools. They don't give them up. The only way we take tools out of that box is if we sanction George Bush and Dick Cheney now and say the next president cannot govern as these men have."
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