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Don't Be A 'Mo Foe!

I personally know how hard it is to be in a confrontation with a fundie about ANYTHING, but especially about all things queer. What I've learned from reasoned debate tactics and from experiences giving in to my anger at the idiocy of these people is very simple, and I'll explain why. It's incredibly simple, really. To argue logic with someone who has none, however well versed, is an act of violent stupidity which should be punishable by flogging.

Arguing God/Jesus/religion with a fundie is like arguing sobriety with a raging alcoholic. They'll come up with every excuse in the book, they'll invent new and (in their view) clever ones to legitimize their claims, but never once relent on the fact that they are devout in their faith and do not care if it flies in the face of any logic whatsoever. YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET YOUR POINT UNDERSTOOD OR ACCEPTED BY A FUNDAMENTALIST, NOT EVER. These people are fucking robots, and it is a complete waste of time. They're as stupid and insolent as people can get - and it's what they choose for themselves, so trying to educate them is an insult to all enlightened people. Besides, if a person is resolved that no matter what you do that generates good in the world you're still inherently evil and going to burn in hell forever, why should you care WHAT they think about you in the first place? How is it that their opinions come to matter and define you as a person?

If you know you're a good person and that you do right by people because it's the truth, then that's good enough - no matter who else agrees with you. If you are a good person who does good things by people because it is the right thing to do rather than doing it for some reward or incentive (read: heaven), and the people in your life love and support you in your endeavors, then why in the world would you allow some fishbrained, microcephalic, self-righteous lunatics to define you?

If you ever have the misfortune to encounter these societal maggots, the best thing you can do is to stand up for yourself and for intelligent, compassionate people everywhere by not engaging them. They want attention and converts, and frankly we're too smart for that, so ignore them. Roll your eyes, laugh to yourself if you must, and get on with your life. If you let these people get the best of you by giving them enough power over you to allow you to be upset by their nonsense, then accept responsibility for being more feebleminded and ridiculous than they are.

Some people are never going to like you, and they don't have to, so get over yourselves. They are just as entitled to their opinions and rights to free speech as I or anyone else is, no matter how wrong or misguided, so get over yourselves. This is not a world that embraces diversity on the whole, so stop worrying about this stupid shit and get busy having a good time, living a good life, being a good person, and doing what you want - no matter who likes it and who doesn't. What I do with my own ass is my own fucking business, and I give two shits who has a problem with it. I'm not wasting one second of my life worrying about that, to do so validates the people who think I'm wrong for how I live, and prevents me from having a better life.

Not for one single second.
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