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While I realize this post is in the worst possible taste, I don't care. If you have an issue with it, don't read it. Thank you, and now back to your regularly scheduled depravity as brought to you from my inner 14 year old.

Tell me the most vile, disgusting, depraved joke you can think of. Like the dirtiest joke you know. I know one from 8th grade that nothing has compared to yet, and it goes something a little like this.
So there's this guy who loves nothing more than eating pussy, and he meets this girl who loves nothing more than having her pussy eaten out.

While he's going down on her, something smells not quite right - but he goes at it with gusto and she responds appropriately with lots of twitching, growling, and back arching. He finds something small, warm, and a bit squishy with his tongue. He stops, raises up, and retrieves from the end of his tongue half of a lima bean. It's very odd, but he dismisses it and in his highly aroused state dives right back between her thighs.

In a matter of moments, something similar happens - this time the object is the skin of a squashed sweet pea. In about a minute or two more, he finds the small fragment of a piece of bread, and shortly thereafter decides he needs to consult the girl.

"Are you, like, sick, or something? he asks inquisitively.

"No", she replies, "But the guy before you was."
Tell me your dirtiest joke in a comment, more than one if you have them. Everyone I know is in a funk, in a bad way, or otherwise just hating life - so let's have some distraction, shall we?

Tags: dirty jokes
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