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Yesterday was absolutely fabookey! Had a great time, spent a good bit of time with great friends and family and ate more than I should have. We had six tons of food left over as well. Maggie & Nathan took dinner to Mandy & Mickey, so while they were gone I cleaned the house and the kitchen. I didn't get the license plate number of the truck that drove through the kitchen, but no one was injured so it was okay. I actually got it done pretty fast. Damien made a pumpkin pie and a cheesecake that had people calling me at 10:30 - waking me from sleep, no less - to tell me how fantastic that cheesecake was. It completely stole the day, that cheesecake. I'm very proud of him for baking that, he did a phenominal job. Everyone was passing Avery around and ogling her, and all she wanted was her Damien. She even crawled across the floor and made a beeline for him once he knelt down and opened his arms to her. She also waved back at me last night and grinned and said "Hey!"

It was so nice to have the house cleaned and everything nice and quiet by 7-8 PM last night, I managed to get to bed early after all.

Alright, folks - can we plan on tonight being a meet-up night somewhere for folks I haven't seen in a dog's age and especially for those I've never met? There's Barnes & Noble, there's Denny's (Yes - I would even consent to go to THAT angsty hell hole of my adolescence), and several other places we could go. If you're interested, give me a call on my cell phone (that Sprint PCS was kind enough to give me) at 593-8841 and we can plan and work out the details, then get the word out to folks. I even have presents for some of you...

I'm thinking Barnes & Noble around 7 or 8 tonight if that's cool, for a start at least. What say you guys?

Oh, and by the way plush - I have those cd's I promised coming to you soon, it's just kind of hectic around here lately. Will let you know when I'm finished and have them heading your way!
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