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Weekend In Review

We went to Atlanta again this past weekend, but this time specifically to move xtex from his ginormous former house and into his smaller, much more practical digs. While we were glad to lend a hand and get him 99% moved before heading home this afternoon, OMG - longest move EVER. The movers he had scheduled flaked on him, and as is always the case when a friend is moving and in need of helping hands, there were only two other people who showed up and helped out - his former room mate jmb76 (who is much better looking in person than in any photograph I'd ever seen him in) and the ever cute and amusing wolfpup76. Neither of them would flash me when I asked, though.:-(

So, while I'm feeling very accomplished and well stocked in reserves of good-friendom, my knees are goddamned killing me. Up and down all of those stairs always ends up killing my knees, and this time was no exception. They ache constantly, and they feel like they're being ripped apart from the inside if I bend them - especially if I'm trying to stand after being at rest for more than a few minutes. I'm taking some pain/konk out medicine and getting some sleep in just a bit, right now I'm enjoying the rain outside. Tomorrow I'll have to take it easy on my legs and see if I can get done some of the stuff that needs attention (read: laundry) where I'm able.

See, arie? I managed to spend several days with you without any injury to my knees and then a matter of days later... BLAM!! ...both in one day. I'm goddamn falling apart, man - this getting older shit damned sure ain't for sissies!
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