Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

2 Things

Apparently I've had a number of comments to previous posts dumped into my email inbox, like a ton of them. Some dated back a month, some even longer than that I think. If there was anything you wanted me to reply to, link me to it and I will because I deleted them all.

Also, I know all about Ann Coulter and the vile things she said about John Edwards and the shitty stuff she said to Elizabeth Edwards when Mrs. Edwards called her out on all of it, but I have made the choice to no longer blog about Ann Coulter. She's a vicious cunt and a life support system for evil, and I'm personally not going to promote her or indulge her need for attention in my blog. Same for that cunt Michelle Malkin, she and Coulter can scissor each other until one's saw toothed snatch devours the other for all I care.

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