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There is SO much work to do today. I have a ton of food to get working on, and by sometime this evening I am going to need a break from the kitchen/cabin fever. What would be very nice would be if the people on LiveJournal that haven't met or seen in a long while would all get together sometime over the holiday and do coffee or something. Think about it:

mad_love, amystorey, photol, sparklestargirl, blenderfh2, mdoodleaf13, pacwastaken, blondeangel166, princessqtpi, ryno107, pandorasparkle, lolasenvy, chola23712, burntbiscuitboy, hangswithflames among others - think about it.

I made the comment on the air earlier that the only way this day could be better would be if Benny Hinn set himself on fire. Then some lady calls me to tell me how she couldn't believe I would say something that inappropriate on the air. I told her that I was sorry if I had offended her, but he wasn't one of my most favorite people. She threw out "Is it because of his stance on gay people or something?" I said "No, but that doesn't help endear him to me." I told her it wasn't my intention to offend any of my listeners, but to have a great day and a good Thanksgiving. Then I got back on the air and said "Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who, even those who don't appreiciate my sense of humor..."
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