Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I'm Serious.

Don't ask, just read this. When you're done, go back to this post and DO SOMETHING. It's completely free, won't cost you a dime. It'll take all of a minute to repost that code for the benefit of others, and together we can half effect change.

It's not like I'm asking for the fucking moon and stars, people. I do these things because I am trying to make it easier to get involved and make things better. I'm not trying to get credit for anything but it would be nice to feel like I'm getting a return on my investment. I know I cannot make anyone do anything and I'm not responsible for the apathy of others, but seriously - what the fuck?

Stop being complacent and start being involved for fuck's sake. It takes a lot of energy to try and inspire people, and while I sometimes tire of it, it's what I feel I have to try and do where I can, and I'm not going to stop that - not now, not ever. Not even when I feel defeated, and certainly not when I feel disappointed. Let me see that my efforts are worth the time, at least give me that. Sorry if I'm coming off as excessively bitchy, but this is really important to us all - and if it's not then it should be.
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