Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

[20:48] lordgoonie: i wish W would write a child's book when he's out of office and title it "Cents and sensa...senci...sentences"
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: ROFL
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: ROFL
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: GODDAMN
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: *dead*
[20:50] lordgoonie: the poor man cant even make a sentence, much less a children's maybe it should be a pre-K book with lots of pictures...maybe even shamu doing a jump out of a puddle of oil on the cover?
[20:50] lordgoonie: she has to be winking and flashing a gangsta roll
[20:52] jesus_h_biscuit: and gold teef

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