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15th-Jun-2007 08:10 am

Who's the bane of YOUR existence? Surely there's someone who pisses you off in such a huge way that it merits flogging, at least. 'Round here, we call that person a RAT BASTARD. Who is the person you most want to rip a new asshole for whatever reason? Go ahead - now's your chance to put them on blast. Start commenting, and have fun gettin' your hate on - and out. IP logging is off and anonymous commenters WERE welcome, but I've had to disable it since I've gotten six tons of bullshit spam comments lately. Sorry about that.

Go on - vent your spleen...

Also, check out/participate in the Friday Confessional and the subsequent Sunday Stoning, brought to you by the fantastic city_of_dis.
15th-Jun-2007 12:51 pm (UTC)
To the asshole engineers at my current position - fuck you for doing work during the day so I have increased troubles to process and get this, have had to work around the clock for the past 5 days with no sleep and no thank yous. I've literally gotten 10 hours this week.

To the asshole hiring manager at Pivot: I really want to work for your company, send me the Gods Damn offer letter already.

To the asshole government, thank you for expediting my student loan deferred status so much. I really appreciate that you did this without asking me, and now you've changed your mind, so I'm now in Default. -- Frak you.

To the friends who are treating me like shit because work may force me to move cross country - thanks for letting me know we can only be friends when its convienent for you. That really makes my heart feel good.

And can I still be mad at my Great-Grandmother for leaving Ireland and coming to the US? Without that decision, I would have been born in a free Irish state, with better healthcare and an understanding that being different doesn't mean you're evil.
15th-Jun-2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
To the asshole who tried his damndest to cut me off this morning and then leaned on his horn for what seemed to be 15 seconds -- get a grip!! I signalled, there was plenty of room, you just didn't want to let me in! Prick. Grow up. And following me almost to work was really unnecessary. I'm not afraid of you or your stupid red truck.
15th-Jun-2007 02:41 pm (UTC)
Internal auditors who walk around, storm into your office only to stand behind you and watch the things you do like it's their office.

I'm sorry, This is my fucking office and my fucking space. I have a job too, so why don't they just let me doing it.

15th-Jun-2007 05:13 pm (UTC)
To people who persist in involving themselves in my life despite legal proceedings to remove them there from. Those who decidied calling names of people they just dont know with out even asking what is going on.
15th-Jun-2007 07:02 pm (UTC)
Hi, i've commented on your journal a couple times before. Dont know if you remember me.

To the crazy woman at the pool -

Your daughter lied to you. I did NOT kick her and her group of friends out of the pool (since i am the pool monitor) because two of her friends happened to be black. They got up and left on their own accord, and I told the girl who signed in SEVEN other people (also a big no no, but i let them get away with it) that NEXT TIME she could only sign in 3 friends who didnt live in the park to swim with her.

Do NOT come up to me screaming about discrimination when YOU are the one who is making this a race issue ma'am. I didnt have to let ANYONE swim because of how many there were, but because the pool was so empty, I let your daughter and her SIX other friends swim the whole time they wanted. Go ahead and contact the city comissioner, you're a used up trailor trash hick working a dead end job for minimum wage. I am in college to become a veterinarian. I GET THE LAST LAUGH.
15th-Jun-2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
The wench who's responsible for my son's murder...not just because of that, but also because she just *had* to take the stand (which is utterly stupid) and now trial is dragging out to the beginning of next week (closing arguments) so I get to spend yet.another.day in Detroit (with $10 parking). It's already been 2 weeks. Her testimony took 1.5 DAYS.

I just want it over with already!
16th-Jun-2007 12:02 am (UTC)
I don't know you, but I can tell you that I wish you extra release of your venom towards this Rat Bastard. My good friend was killed by a drunk driver and the thought of having to see that ass in court is enough to boil my blood.

I can only feel a glimmer of the pain that you're going through. But really fuck that rat bastard!
16th-Jun-2007 03:36 am (UTC)
RBF is particularly appropriate for this one, since it's also a popular car guy logo. My rat bastard is of course... THE EX! The stupid moron not only baled on his kids last weekend, baled on them again on his Tuesday this week, but insult of all... he's baled on them for Father's day in favor of going to California for a car show.

father huh?? I'm thinking sperm doner is being generous! Ghads I think I finally hate someone. Rat Bastard. Got any Decon?
18th-Jun-2007 07:52 am (UTC)
You know who you are.

And I hate you.

You are pathetic, opportunistic, delusional and a big fat stupid head.
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