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Wife who killed pastor husband may serve 60 days
SELMER, Tennessee (AP) -- A woman who killed her preacher husband with a shotgun blast to the back as he lay in bed was sentenced Friday to three years in prison, but she may end up serving only 60 days in a mental hospital.

Mary Winkler must serve 210 days, or about seven months, of her sentence before she can be released on probation, but she gets credit for the five months she has already spent in jail, Judge Weber McCraw said.

That leaves only two months, and McCraw said up to 60 days of the sentence could be served in a facility where she could receive mental health treatment. That means Winkler may not serve any significant time in prison.
Paris Hilton gets 45 days for probation violation - this cunt murders her husband in cold blood, and gets less than a year? And her charges that he beat her up and made her watch porn and forced sex? Three baby girls, ages 9, 7 and 2 are now going to have to live under the scrutiny of this entire horror, and it was all preventable if she would have just left him. If it's that bad, FUCKING GET YOUR KIDS, GO TO THE COPS, AND LEAVE.

She had a choice. Sorry if that's too harsh, but deal with it. He didn't threaten to kill her or her kids, so the choice was hers.

What a fucking sad, sad joke the criminal justice system is in this case.
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