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If I'm talking about you, you'll know - if not, mind ya bidnezz...

First of all, DON'T come walking up on me all grand like you're a fuckin' peacock and shit - 'cause you ain't. I wouldn't give a fuck if you were Liz Windsor - the fucking Queen of England, or even the goddamned Pope, you're no better than me or anyone else. I know for a fact that within the past 24 hours you've ripped a hot one that even had the fucking DOG looking at you like "Now THAT'S just wrong... What the hell did you eat, anyway? Man, I gotta get the fuck outta here, this is worse than kitty's litterbox!"

So fuck off with your plasticity™ and general fakeness, or I swear to dog I'l wait until we're in a room full of people and look in your fucking face with a wrinkled nose and fan the air with my hands and say out loud "Jesus Christ - was that YOU?"

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