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I went to bed sometime around 8:30 or so last night, and while I was lying there watching the coverage of how fucking stupid and weak we are for the almighty dollar (the oil tanker off the coast of Spain) I strated getting a light headache. When I woke up this morning for a shower my head hurt so bad that I was dizzy. I slept fine, but even now it still hurts and I cannot take anything else for it. I should really stop being such a crybaby about it, huh?

Someone PLEASE kick Michael Jackson's ass, or just let me get close enough so that I may do it my damned self. Jesus H. Fucking Christ, this freak! In case you don't know why by now, Click Here

I have three hours to go at work and all I want is to go home and back to bed. For the rest of the day. Like I could actually sleep that long!

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