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Weekend In Review

Saturday was great, I went to the mall and didn't feel the urge to kill anyone! Went out that evening to El Mexican (El Carrizzo, we just call it El Mexican) for Mom & Dad's birthday dinner, saw blondeangel166 and her new beau. It is always great to see Mandy, she always sees me before I see her and she greets my eyes with a huge smile and then gives me the kind of hug that says "I really miss you". Gave Mom & Dad their presents, which I think they both liked and had a margarita, which I only drank maybe 1/2 of. Went to Barnes & Noble to sniff around at stuff, happpened to then find the Merri Cyr book on Buckley.

Yesterday I went to see the new Harry Potter with the family and LOVED it, although I must say that Cheryl should be thwapped berry berry hard onna fanny for telling me I should wait through 900 years of credits for the final clip... ::snickers, hears her saying "Hey, don't threaten ME with a good time!":: I watched my Buckley DVD while I cleaned up my bedroom and put away my laundry in honor of his birthday. Saw a preview for the new (and final ::sniff sniff:: season of Oz while I was watching Six Feet Under and almost pissed myself. Watched The Sopranos and have decided that I want to get all three shows, plus Queer As Folk and Absolutely Fabulous - EVERY EPISODE OF EVERY SEASON on DVD.

I'm SO looking forward to Thanksgiving. Maggie and I have planned on 20 people we're cooking for, and I can hardly wait to get started. Then I'm looking forward to next month when I get to go to Ohio. I'm looking forward to the drive and the stops along the way, I'm looking forward to seeing Andrea and Carroll and Alissa and Patti, and taking lots of pictures and stuff.

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