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My Soul Hurts

Bought a copy of A Wished For Song earlier at Barnes & Noble. Looking through it and reading what his friends and colleagues had to say about him ripped me wide open all over again. Lilac Wine and Corpus Christi Carol are playing over and over in my head and I just want to cry. I hear the opening riffs of Lover, You Should've Come Over from memory and I could go into the fetal position right here under the computer desk. Jeff's life, passion, and art are why I fell in love with music in the first place, and in his passing has ruined so much of it for me. Excluding Jennifer Nettles, there really is no other music that gives me pause like his.

When I finished looking at the book and was collecting my thoughts I noticed the date for tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Jeff - I'll hold you close to me all day tomorrow with all of my love, respect, an gratitude.

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