Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

For The Newbies

For those of you that are new to my blog, I wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time to read it. I know that many people friend me after I make a post that resonates with them and they find me by the code I put up to link back to my activism posts, which is in part why I make them - I want this blog to reach out and help other people as well as be a repository for my own stuff.

If you have friended me and I have not added you back, it is not personal. If you would like me to add you back, comment and say so - simple as that. 60% of this blog is viewable by the public, another 20% is friends-only, and the remaining 20% no one but me gets to see. If you want in on the friends-only stuff and I've not added you back, you have to let me know - comment to this post and I'll take care of that.

Today makes day 5 of my valiant (okay, I just wanted to use that word) battle against Mongolian Death Flu. I've become a great big walking phlegm factory. I've gone through half a jumbo box of tissues in 24 hours, and my nose is so fucking sore from constantly having to blow it that I've created callouses around my nostrils. I know - SEXY! My fever didn't last very long, but now in addition to the nose blowing, sniffling, swimmy-headed dizzyness, and body aches, I've begun hacking like a 4 pack-a-day smoker. In spells, even. I thought I was going to bring up oil around 3AM. It's that kind of coughing that hurts deep in one's chest, too - like bronchitis coughing does. It sounds really terrible.

All in all, my head feels a bit clearer than it has all week long. I still have fluid built up in my ears and it makes them pop quite a bit - and I get incredibly dizzy whennver I stand up, but at least I can feel it all starting to dissipate some.

</complaining about being sick>

So - to review - thanks for reading the stuff I most wanted you to read, thanks for adding me to your friends lists, and for all the links back to this blog. take care, all - and be well.

- jesus_h_biscuit
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