Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Speaker Pelosi Urges Override of the President's Veto

"Today, the President faces consequences of his own making. This is the seventh supplemental for the war in Iraq. Certainly, somebody was planning something at the White House and could have put, over the years, the funding necessary for this war into the budget. Instead the President did not do that. I don't know why, maybe they don't want the American people to see the real cost of this war in dollars. Certainly, we know the price that we have paid more seriously, in lives, in health, in reputation, in the readiness of our military and in probably two trillion dollars now for this war."

Please contact your representatives in the House and Senate . Tell them you do not support any concessions. You're the ones who elected them, make sure they know it - make sure they understand that you are their constituents, ergo their salaries, their livelihoods, and their chances for reelection. If they want to stay where they are, make them work for it.

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