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AWESOME clip from C&L and TP:

War Hawk Kristol Confronted By Military Wife: ‘You All Don’t Understand…We Are People Too
During a C-SPAN appearance this morning, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol was confronted by a military wife living in Ft. Hood, TX, who called in to criticize him for “pushing the war.”

The woman explained the incredible stress of having her husband deployed in Iraq:

I’m sure when your head hits the pillow you have a luxury of dreaming about anything that your mind will allow you to dream about… I sleep with the phone under the pillow. My kids — if someone rings the doorbell, instead of normal kids they freeze. And they’re in elementary school. You all don’t understand. We are military people but we are people, too. And the stress that we are under is tremendous.

While she spoke, Kristol appeared uncomfortable, looking downward and scratching markings into a piece of paper.

The caller also told Kristol that he was a “liar” for claiming that it’s “mostly the insurgents attacking us,” versus members of the Iraqi population. “They don’t want us there,” she said. “I understand you truly believe what you’re saying but it’s not working. We can’t want it for them more than they want it for themselves.

Video & transcript here.
I hate Bill Krostol. He's not called "William The Bloody" for nothing. This sick fuck won't be sated until we invade Iran and Syria and anywhere else in the middle east that the war profiteers can rape mindlessly, he wants war, war, and more war. Again, I will also posit that he's the creepiest fucker I've seen in ages. He literally makes my skin crawl.
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