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Voice Post: Vandalism and revelation (paraphrased) 
25th-Apr-2007 10:20 pm
576K 2:53
“"Dumb fuck" was written on the wall in small, red ink with a arrow pointing to our door. Talked to neighbors to be on the lookout. Management has already painted over the wall.

If I had seen this while it was happening, I might get very angry and go crazy. Then I thought better and want to be the better man. I would ask them to go walk with me for an hour and talk to me to find out more about me and then decide if they really think if I'm a "dumb fuck". If they still do, then I'll shake their hand and move on from there (not that it would mean that much either).

Just a revelation I had this evening.”

Transcribed by: snowboardjoe
26th-Apr-2007 02:48 am (UTC)
Damn. If something like that happened to my place I would freak out. I hate to admit it, but I would have some fear about something like that happening again or escalating to something else. I know the world sees worse hate than this everyday, but when it's aimed at you? Fucking freaks me out.

Do you think it's your writing here that sparks this kind of vandalism?

It would be really hard for me to approach anyone like that and ask them to "take a walk with me for an hour". I guess it would just creep me out, but I know at the same time it would definitely change their mind by putting much more of a human face on what they think they hate. It would likely embarrass them.
26th-Apr-2007 03:01 am (UTC)
I'm not afraid of much these days. I'd rather take my rage and turn it into something productive, and even if it fell on deaf ears I'm still the better man being true to myself as a result of it all.

Not likely a result of my blogging - everyone around here who knows about this blog and reads it actually digs it. More than likely it's some unwashed miscreant who sees us together and just singles us out as faggots or something. The extent of my concern would be if they tried to harm Damien in any way, because he couldn't stand up to that like I can - he's not street smart the way I am. If it's just me, take your best shot. I've already been jumped by a truckload of rednecks before, I know what it's like and have no fear of getting jumped that way. My fear is not getting a good enough lawyer after the fact to get me acquitted &/or charges reversed, because if it came down to it, I'm not going to be victimised. FUCK that.
26th-Apr-2007 03:34 am (UTC)
"Also, what kind a dumb fuck writes 'dumb fuck' on a wall?"

Made me fuckin laugh out loud.

Move to ATL man seriously.

(Coming to Pride?)
26th-Apr-2007 03:43 am (UTC)
Lol - glad someone else caught that!

I hope we are up for pride this year, definitely. We should be, anyway.
26th-Apr-2007 02:30 pm (UTC)
Very sorry to hear this happened, but glad that you've been able to put this dumb fuck writing "dumb fuck" in perspective. Big hugs to both you & D.
27th-Apr-2007 05:58 am (UTC)
What kind of an asshole would do that? Sorry you have had to put up with such bullshit
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